Vaping: How it Affects Your Oral Health

Vaping: How it Affects Your Oral Health

In the past decades, research has proven that cigarette smoking is bad for your health. The most obvious damage it can cause is in your oral health: tooth decay, bad breath, gum disease and worst of all mouth cancer.

Today, more people are using e-cigarettes as an alternative to smoking. It is reported in 2014 that more than 9 million adults are vaping in the US. Vaping is considered to be safer than conventional smoking but because this alternative is relatively new to the market, little is known about it’s long-term effects.

While e-cigarettes don’t contain tobacco, most juices still contain nicotine and all the health problems associated with it. Nicotine contributes significantly to the development of gingivitis and periodontitis, which causes bad breath and gum inflammation. It also reduces the amount of blood that flows through your veins, which prevents your gums from getting enough oxygen and nutrients. Nicotine is also a stimulant that can cause teeth grinding.

Research also shows that vaping can cause mouth and throat irritation. A 2018 Study found that people who vape had more bacteria in their teeth than those who don’t. The same study suggests that flavored e-cigarette juices have similar properties to high-sucrose candy and drink that increases the risk of cavities.

In addition, some juices use flavorings that can also lead to cellular damage in your mouth. The base liquids found in some vape juices, particularly propylene glycol, can be linked to mouth dryness, which is associated with bad breath, mouth sores and tooth decay.

If you choose to vape, it is important to make an extra effort in taking care of your oral health:

  • Limit your nicotine intake, use 0 or low nicotine juices to limit the negative effects of nicotine.
  • Brush your teeth at least twice a day to help prevent cavities and promote gum health.
  • Drink water after you vape to avoid dry mouth and floss before bed.

 However, Dr. Sahf is not advocating smoking or vaping, he would actually recommend not at all. 

Additionally, Dr. Sahf & Team recommends scheduling regular dental visits to help monitor your oral health and reduce your risk of having gum disease and other dental problems at part of a complete oral hygiene routine.

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