Five-Star Care

Heartfelt feedback about your experience at Hendersonville Premier Dentistry means so much to us. Not only is constructive feedback useful for shaping our delivery of service, but positive feedback really makes our staff smile!

If I could give Dr. Planer and his entire team 100 stars rating it would not be enough to define the professionalism, level of service and finally the compassion that they personally have for patients truly in need. I had a cracked tooth that started to give excruciating pain on a Tuesday heading to a 5 day wedding event for my son. I texted Dr. Planer on Saturday afternoon and asked if there was anyway that he could help me. He immediately responded within 2 minutes and asked me to be in his office at 7:50 on Monday morning. He then worked with me over text to get an anti biotic called into CVS on Saturday evening in the event I was infected! Dr Planer personally came in early Monday morning and numbed my mouth for some relief throughout Monday and then after a full day of already scheduled patients, he asked me to come back at the end of the day Monday and they would do the work after hours on Monday to remove my tooth and finally end the 6 day ordeal and pain I was having. The work took 2 hours (we finished after 7pm). No words can ever ever be enough to thank Dr. Planer and his team for doing this. I don’t think I could have gone one more day with the pain I had. If you want a Dentist who does the work because he is truly passionate about your care and how you feel and finally to personally give of his own time away from friends and family so you can be comfortable, please call Dr Planer. Thanks again Dr Planer and Adriana for your compassion on me and for getting rid of my pain and on the track to fix my tooth!
Brian W.
I have nothing but GREAT things to say about Dr. Planer and his entire staff. All are professional and very experienced with each of their individual jobs. I even enjoy visiting with Flossy, Dr. Planer's family's dog .
Carolyn T.
Dr. Planer and his staff do an excellent job and I always feel like I am getting great care. They are always friendly and courteous. Who knew going to the dentist could be so fun?!
Amber L.
This is a happy place... the staff are friendly and helpful and good at what they do; the ambiance is lighthearted and fun; and Dr. Planer is an excellent dentist.
Cathie B.
Being a retired Periodontist, I know what quality patient care is about. Dr. Planer and his team are professional, pleasant and caring. And while I don’t have great dental needs myself, I’m 100% certain that they will deliver comprehensive care just based on how I see Chris’ and his staff’s thorough communication and documentation skills!
Mark Z.
My experience at Hendersonville Premier Dental was excellent! It was my first visit and everyone was very professional, ,caring and thorough. The best cleaning I have ever experienced and Dr. Planer spent a lot of time helping me understand my dental problems and how to fix them. I would highly recommend them to my friends and family.
Best dentist I’ve ever gone to! Extremely thorough and informative. At the same time, I did not get the feeling that procedures were being unnecessarily promoted. Ask in ask a great experience.
Dennis D.
4/4/23 As always, I had an excellent experience at Hendersonville Premiere Dentistry. Victoria returned my call within 5 minutes and had me scheduled to see Dr. Planer early the following day. I wasn't sure what was causing my pain but, after a thorough exam by Dr. Planer and his assistant, the problem was tentatively identified and an exam with Dr. Kennedy was scheduled for the following day. To make me more comfortable until my endodontist appointment, he performed a minor adjustment on the affected area. All this in a warm, friendly and encouraging environment. I've been with this practice for more than 10 years and I always feel like family when I go there.
David F.
I had alot of work done at one time in my mouth, a record 3 hours in the dentist chair. During the procedure Dr Planer and his assistant were so attentive to my comfort and really valued my input. Dr Planer is a great dentist and I I would highly recommend Hendersonville Premier Dentistry.
Carolyn M.
Dr. Planer’s practice is the epitome of excellent dentistry. His staff is knowledgeable, warm, and friendly from arrival to departure. Dr. Planer cares for his patients, is gentle, up-to-date and extremely skilled in his field. I highly recommend Premier Dentistry of Hendersonville for top-notch dental care.
Patti C.
I was in their office several days ago to have my teeth cleaned. Amy the Dental Hygienist is super. She is friendly, skillful, very thorough, but gentle. Dr. Planer and the entire staff and Hendersonville Premier Dentristry are very courteous and professional.
Kim B.
The staff took extra care to make me feel welcome, comfortable and safe. Dr. Planer and his team are very talented at what they do, this was by far the least painful dental experience I have ever had. I really appreciate the extra effort to create a calming environment and friendly welcome!
Hunter S.
This dentist is the most gentle and thorough I have ever had! The assistants and hygenist are also very thorough and don't need to be afraid! You will love them!
Betsy C.
Finally found my dentist! Very thorough and professional! The staff is friendly and helpful. Amy, the dental hygienist, is the best! Great communication and suggestions. Can’t remember the last time I had such a great check-up and cleaning. Dr. Planer called the evening after I had some work done on my tooth to check that I was feeling okay. Who does that in today’s world? I am beyond impressed!
Laura R.
Dr. Planner and his entire team are are consumate professionals! I have experienced many dental practices in my time and I would rate this one as the best. The team listens, is thorough, and does not push unnecessary dental work. The charges are commensurate with the quality level of the work and are an excellent value. Really, Dr. Planner should be your dentist!
David B.