General / Family Dentistry


General & Family Dentistry

General and family dentistry is more than just getting your teeth cleaned.  We take a comprehensive and holistic approach to your oral condition.  In fact, did you know that there are links between dental disease and many systemic diseases including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, premature births, the list goes on?

Managing your oral health is essential to one’s overall health, and a holistic perspective offers concrete strategies for optimum oral and whole health. Some of the services we offer to help you obtain and maintain your oral heath include:

Hygiene Cleaning

The health of the gums and underlying bone determines what type of cleaning you will need. Whether this is a routine cleaning (prophylaxis), a deeper cleaning (scaling and root planing), or a combination of different gum therapies, our team has many ways to help you achieve a healthy smile.

Oral Cancer Screening

A thorough visual and tactile exam using light and magnification to identify any potential areas of concern. As with any other type of cancer, early detection for oral cancer is key.


The natural grooves in some teeth can be deep and vulnerable to cavities. A sealant covers and protects these grooves to greatly reduce the risk of developing future decay. Most people think sealants are utilized only for children but they can be appropriate for adults too.

Tooth-colored fillings

Whether a tooth is decayed, worn, or broken, tooth-colored fillings (composites) are an excellent way to restore teeth. Composite is durable and highly esthetic. We pride ourselves on placing composites whose appearance mimics your natural tooth so closely that you might not even know a filling is there at all!

Tooth Extraction

When a tooth cannot be saved for whatever reason, sometimes removal of the tooth then becomes the only option. A gentle extraction technique will keep you comfortable during the procedure, preserve the healthy bone that surrounds the tooth, increase the speed of your healing after the procedure, and improve the ability to replace the tooth down the road if you so desire.

Custom bite guard

Clenching and grinding your teeth during the day or night is common. Unfortunately, once teeth are worn down it becomes difficult and sometimes impossible to restore these teeth or even replace them. Muscle and jaw pain can also result from clenching and grinding. Our bite guards are custom made using impressions of your teeth. The fit is designed uniquely for your mouth and dental needs. The material is durable and comfortable.

Emergency Dentistry

Dental emergencies unfortunately can and do happen, and we are here to help. We seek to accommodate all emergencies as soon as we possibly can—usually the very same day!